Hybrid Market Execution

Markets In
Your Pocket

Fast moving global markets require access 24/7/365 no matter where you are. With Venetian, your markets are never further away than your pocket.

Converged Voice + Electronic OTC Market Platform

Hybrid Market Execution

Workflow Driven

Unlike other screens, Venetian has been built from the ground up around your workflows. Technology should adapt to your business, not the other way around.

People-first Technology

It's time to retire the man vs. machine debate. The best brokerages must offer the best of both worlds by equipping best-in-class people with cutting edge tech.

Battle Hardened

Venetian has been battle tested by over 150 traders and brokers across some of the most esoteric markets. If you can dream a market, we can turbocharge it.

Our investors & partners

The Venetian platform has been nothing short of transformational for our business. In an industry that revolves around information flow, having the ability to collect, record and distribute live pricing in one single operation is invaluable.

The Venetian platfom allows us to focus on productivity without neglecting business critical peripheral activities.

Sander Bots

Braemar Atlantic